Digital B2B solutions for your company and your factory


Who is Iniationware?

We are a young company in Lohne (Oldenburg, Lower Saxony), with over 20 years of experience and applications in practice, with which we can offer the perfect innovations or everyday practical solutions for your business.

Our team supports you and your team in the integration of individual digital solutions for your factory, machine or your products. It is no longer just about controllable products, because nowadays normal products are also inside the focus of digitalization. We help you with standardized and digital open source solutions.

What do we offer?

We offer you professional, personal and well-founded technical and digital services – open and honest.

Our goals?

Stable and secure digital holistic solutions for long-term use, without dependencies in a globalizing world.


HMI 2023 - Digital Transformation

We were there for a week at the Hannover Messe 2023 to present the Industrial IoT demonstrator in the context of "digital transformation".


Use Case:

The demonstrator was a retrofitting use case to build new and secured business cases on an old machine with a closed PLC integration.


We placed a new WAGO PFC200 PLC (ARM32) into the machine to read from physical IO's and Modbus. A WAGO Edge-PC (x64) was integrated to manage the software and user access via a Portainer Business-Server on-edge. That allowed Iniationware to integrate the bidirectional secured cloud communication via the secured MQTT-Brgide between an edge and cloud MQTT-Broker.The WAGO edge-devices with Docker available, like the PFC200 and CC100, got an edge-agent via a so called one-touch auto-onboarding from the Portainer Business-Server on-edge, which consumes just 10MB of RAM.


With Softing's multi hardware platform Docker-Image of the product edge-connector, we integrated a new software-stack via Portainer's edge-management fully automatically. The Softing edge-connector gives access via Modbus to the old PLC of the machine and communicates all data via secured MQTT or OPC UA to the cloud and Edge-PC.


We showed a modern software- and user-management on the old insecure machine with an up to date technology-stack to build new business models on top. The modern and secured use case from the sensor to the cloud and vice versa made it possible to order an individual product (LOT-1) from a cloud web-shop directly to the modernized machine.

That demonstrator showed, how standardized tools can be used to integrate with easy from an integration having Softing, Portainer, WAGO and Iniationware.


Edge Computing IoT - Digitalization Lower Saxony

The digital bonus program Lower Saxony is a signal of how the topic "Digitalization Lower Saxony" is being driven forward. Iniationware offers the right edge computing solutions for the IoT and Industrial IoT area. Instead of cloud computing, edge computing and IoT solutions are becoming the hottest trend of the moment because the costs are lower and the results look promising.


PLUS for Node-RED

Initiationware is a vendor for the Node-RED industry. We offer solutions for Node-RED support, industry communication protocols and extensions for Industry 4.0 applications.


Vision and Robots with NVIDIA

Initiationware is a research and development partner for the robot industry. We offer solutions for robots based on Node-RED, OPC UA, MQTT and other communication protocols for the industry.

Your opinion is important to us.

Why Iniationware and what does it actually mean?

It is pronounced Ini-ation-ware (American-English pronunciation) and it is a made-up word.

It is composed of parts of our most common operations. Most of our activities contain “ini” or “ation”and we always deal with hardware or software or “ware” in the warehouse or production. Therefore, Iniationware is the perfect name for us and our company.