OT/IT – The hybrid experts for industry and energy companies

Who is Iniationware?

Iniationware is a young digital family company in Lohne (Oldenburg, Lower Saxony).

We are OT/IT hybrids as IT and OT experts because we understand both worlds. You benefit from more than 20 years of practical experience.

What does that do for you?

  1. We crack the tough nuts for our customers.
  2. Where others struggle, you get stable and secure solutions.
  3. For long-term use. Without dependencies.

Our Offering

We offer the best B2B solutions for companies in the industrial and energy sectors as an independent integrator.

Edge Computing Industrial IoT - Digital Transformation

  • Fleet management of edge devices
    • simple and with minimal effort
    • Done once – rolled out en masse
  • Solutions for PLC devices, edge and cloud computing
  • Information models and data models on-edge

PLUS for Node-RED - P4NR

The B2B Community for the Digital Transformation with Visual-Programming Tools

Initiationware is a manufacturer for the No-Code and Low-Code industries.

Solutions for Node-RED and FlowFuse as well as support, documentation, industrial connectivity protocols (Modbus, OPC UA, BACnet, IEC104, DNP) and extensions for Industry 4.0 applications.

Mixed Reality, Vision Control, and Robotics with NVIDIA

Initiationware is a research and development partner for the robotics industry.

Solutions for robot use in industry:

  • Low-Code, No-Code
  • OPC UA, AASX, MQTT and other communication protocols
  • easy control of robots with Vision XR

Your opinion is important to us.

Why Iniationware and what does it actually mean?

It is pronounced Ini-ation-ware (American-English pronunciation) and it is a made-up word.

It is composed of parts of our most common operations. Most of our activities contain “ini” or “ation”and we always deal with hardware or software or “ware” in the warehouse or production. Therefore, Iniationware is the perfect name for us and our company.