Klaus Landsdorf received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Media (2016) and completed his Master of Science in Computer Science and Digital Media part-time in 2021. From 2004 to 2011 he worked as a software developer in research and development and later as an innovation architect in international industrial projects at “SCHULZ Systemtechnik” in Visbek. Since 2009, he has been a Development Manager in research and development. Since the year 2017, his company Bianco Royal Software Innovations® developed Industrial IoT solutions for various national and international companies and in European and international research and development projects. Mr. Landsdorf is now managing partner and CEO of Iniationware GmbH and contributor for the Asset Administration Shell, Industrial Digital Twin (IDTA), OPC UA Companion Specifications (ISA) and Modbus, BACnet as well as OPC UA developer in the open source community of Node-RED. His main interests are OPC UA, SparkPlug (MQTT), RAMI4.0, Asset Administration Shell (AASX) with ISA standards (ISO EN 62264), Edge computing devices and the Physical Web in Data Science for novel services including AI.

Thomas Mönnich is a software developer with over 15 years of experience in industry-specific solutions and is also a PLC programmer for WAGO controllers. From 2007 to 2016, he worked in development as a software developer and later as a software architect at SCHULZ Systemtechnik in Visbek, Germany, on national industrial projects. Since 2016, he has been working on IoT/IIoT projects in the manufacturing industry. Mr. Mönnich has particularly extensive knowledge in the field of biogas plant control systems. From 2022 to 2024, Mr. Mönnich was a managing partner, which he stepped down from due to growing family responsibilities in order to focus more on raising his children. Today, Mr. Mönnich is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Iniationware GmbH and works for various national and international companies on European and international digitalization projects. His interests include MQTT, energy regulation, SSL, smart and secure operating systems, system programming, PLC programming, containerized solutions, cybersecurity, and Linux systems.

Sabine Landsdorf successfully studied architecture in Oldenburg. She specialized in drawing with CAD programs. She is enthusiastic about being able to use her creativity in a completely new way through drawing and the support as assistant to the management. Mrs. Landsdorf is active as a contact person for the employees and the shareholders. The necessary "paperwork" only makes her smile and is done quickly, thanks to the digital processes she helped develop and design for the company.

  • Employees: 8
  • Externals: 4
  • Founded: 2020
  • Managing Partners: 1


Mastering data via Modbus, MQTT, BACnet and OPC UA, converting it into meaningful information and thus promoting your business, that is the first step. Providing modern interfaces (API, Data Stores) for new and innovative ideas is the following valuable step.


To meet the growing strategic importance of data and information management in the industry, we offer individual digital solutions and their integration into your work process. We are pro-active in projects of the Industrie 4.0 platform of the ZVEI, Eclipse Foundation, Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA), for Node-RED, Node-OPCUA, and in the OPC Foundation. Thus, we have connected a functioning network of experts and have good experience as well as a good overview of what can support you best.


Whether ECLASS, digital twin, digital type plate, decentralized control with PC and/or PLC or the digital management of documents and changing information at objects. Whether modern machine communication or open standards between man and machine or whether edge, on-premise or cloud.
We know and use the technologies from the sensor to the cloud.


Sounds a lot? That's just the first impression. The technology structure and the interplay of all sub-areas fits together well thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in Industry 4.0 and the use of open standards and open source code. The world is getting more complex and we are making it simpler again by "hiding" the complexity and helping you focus on what matters - adding value to you.


We are working on the future for the manufacturing and energy industries without "vendor lock-in".


Joel Krec has started his training as an IT specialist in application development with us since September 2021, with a focus on Industrie4.0. The training offers him the opportunity to gain practical experience in everyday life and to learn from real Industrie4.0 projects like PLUS for Node-RED. With Unity-3D, C# .NET7 and many modern working techniques, Joel has already got for now good experiences of how to combine gaming development, QR-Codes and Web-Technologies within the Industrie4.0 field. His favorite projects currently include research with augmented reality and the robot dog EduARD (Educational Artificial Robot Device). Joel took care together with Klaus Landsdorf and Thomas Mönnich about the next trainees in his last year as a trainee and developed for PLUS for Node-RED and OPC UA. He did his examn in June 2024 with a good result and he is forever our trainee No. 1 that succeeded very well and we had a great time together.

  • Kay Grewe (since 2023)
  • Kameron Khakimov (since 2023)
  • Marco Schwindt (since 2023)
  • Turgay Say (since 2024)
  • John Otten (since 2024)
  • Mohammed Yachou (since 2024)
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