iniationCABINET is our self designed EDGE-COMPUTING cabinet for flexible Retrofitting, IoT and IIoT use cases.

It includes the options of our products iniationDEVICE and iniationGATEWAY with hardware from WAGO, ADVANTECH, PHOENIX CONTACT and many more.
All for your personal success wih secured Edge-Computing. #onedge # edgecomputing #edgeai #devops #gitops

Fleet-Management, Updates, Remote-Control, Documentation, Audit, API and Restore solutions on-edge. The iniationCABINET is your central "Plug&Works" management and control cabinet for a decentralized process control.

It also includes our iniationOS and the EDGE-API, which is optimized for Edge-Computing and based on the SUSE Linux Open-Source Operating System.

You want to know more about our iniationCABINET? Then write or talk to us!