To enable the use of Node-RED in the industry, it needs stable IoT protocols, ready for the industry. PLUS for Node-RED wants to provide a better open source development, long-term maintenance, detailed tutorials, documentation and other business services.

We want to support you in your needs for Node-RED IoT protocol contribution packages and assist your technicians with powerful low-code engineering templates, examples and proven IoT protocol solutions via Node-RED and other Node-RED platforms!

For the fastest start with Node-RED in industrial environments, we want to be your professional direct contact. Even if a problem is a bit more difficult we will gladly help.

Access our experience of more than seven years of contributing to Node-RED packages for industrial IoT and look at our explained ratings of popular 3rd party contribution packages.

Be involved in the decision of which contribution packages and tools will bring you another step forward!

Would you like to find out more? Then write or talk to us or check our @plus4nodered Website!


PLUS for Node-RED is an extension that enhances the capabilities of the popular open-source flow-based programming tool, Node-RED. It offers additional features and functionalities to Node-RED users, expanding their toolkit for building and deploying applications and workflows.

PLUS for Node-RED provides a range of premium nodes, which are pre-built modules that can be easily integrated into Node-RED flows. These premium nodes offer enhanced functionality and capabilities beyond the standard nodes available in the core Node-RED package. They can be used to connect to various services, devices, databases, or APIs, allowing users to build more complex and sophisticated applications.

The extension also includes advanced flow management features, such as flow versioning and deployment automation. These features enable users to track and manage different versions of their flows, facilitating collaboration and simplifying the process of deploying updates or changes to production environments.

Furthermore, PLUS for Node-RED offers additional security features to protect Node-RED applications and data. It provides encryption options, authentication mechanisms, and access control features, allowing users to secure their flows and restrict access to sensitive information.

Additionally, PLUS for Node-RED provides premium support and access to a dedicated support team, ensuring timely assistance and guidance for users encountering any issues or seeking advice.

In summary, PLUS for Node-RED is an extension that enhances the functionality of Node-RED by providing premium nodes, advanced flow management capabilities, improved security features, and dedicated support. It empowers Node-RED users to build more advanced applications, streamline deployment processes, and ensure the security of their flows and data.

Text von OpenAI's GPT-3.5-basiertem Sprachmodell ChatGPT. OpenAI, (02.06.2023),

Our CEO Klaus Landsdorf is working on the IIoT OPC UA contribution package since 2017. Before he contributed to th OPC UA contribution package.

The reason to get two OPC UA packages was the motivation to show all possibilities in seperate nodes for eductaion in the IIoT package.
The other OPC UA contribution package should be compact with less nodes.

Today Iniationware is maintaining the IIoT contribution package as an LTS version under the "Bianco Royal Space" on GitHub.