Low Code allows people with knowledge about a process to make programs for it with only basic skills in programming!

You only need to know what you want to do. Low Code engines like Node-RED or Flow Forge have premade blocks with certain functions prepared. You then just have to connect these blocks with a wire to complete your flow.

These programs are called flows because most Low Code is flow based programming. You start with any kind of start event. For example, the user clicking a button or some sensor reading a value. Then an event handler starts the flow with injecting a message through the wires into the next blocks, where the message is processed further or some kind of action is done like using an API. With all kind of filters, functions and extensions, you have unlimited possibilities!

These flows are light enough to run on edge and it is really fast to start working with! We work with hardware and sensor manufacturers to create the lightest flows with the best access to hardware! Our partnership with the Low Code engines like Flow Forge, Prescient Devices and Crosser.io helps with that as well!

Start now with fast development and deployment enabled through Low Code!