The iniationGATEWAY is our hardware from WAGO, ADVANTECH, PHOENIX CONTACT and many more. All for your personal success wiht secured Edge-Gateways. #onedge # edgecomputing #edgeai #devops #gitops

Fleet-Management, Updates, Docker Cache, Registries, Key and Certificate Management, Remote-Control, Documentation, Audit, API and Restore solutions on-edge. The iniationGATEWAY is your central management and control point for a decentralized iniationDEVICE control on-edge.

An iniationGATEWAY includes our iniationOS and the EDGE-API as our iniationDEVICE do, which is optimized for Edge-Computing and based on the SUSE Linux Open-Source Operating System.

You want to know more about our iniationGATEWAY? Then write or talk to us!