The iniationGATEWAY is our hardware from INSYS icom, WAGO, PHOENIX CONTACT, ifm and many more. Everything for your personal success with secure edge gateways. #onedge #edgecomputing #edgeai #devops #gitops #lte450 #simcard

Fleet-Management, Updates, Docker Cache, Registries, Key and Certificate Management, Remote-Control, Documentation, Audit, API and Restore solutions on-edge. The iniationGATEWAY is your central management and control point for a decentralized iniationDEVICE control on-edge.

An iniationGATEWAY can include our iniationOS and the EDGE-API as our iniationDEVICE do, which is optimized for Edge-Computing and based on a high secured openSUSE Linux Open-Source Operating System.

With the MIRO, INSYS icom offers via Iniationware a very inexpensive but effective edge gateway and gives you the freedom to choose your own EDGE-PC or the infrastructure behind it. Regardless of whether a PLC such as the WAGO PFC or CC100 or an EDGE-PC is to be used, the connectivity is available and stable with the industry routers MIRO or MRX of INSYS icom. This decoupling of connectivity, data and processes offers flexibility for the future, as a wide variety of participants can establish connectivity with the gateway. The MRX series completes the topic of data usage by being able to use and manage the most important data channels with the icom Data Suite. Lean, stable and proven solutions are best practice requirements for the iniationGATEWAY.

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LTE-450 refers to the use of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard in the 450 MHz frequency band. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Frequency Range: The 450 MHz band is lower than most other LTE bands, which typically range from 700 MHz to 2600 MHz. This lower frequency allows for better building penetration and greater range, which is particularly beneficial in rural and remote areas.
  2. Applications and Benefits: LTE-450 is often used in areas where wide coverage is needed, such as in rural regions, or for specialized applications like smart grids, industrial control systems, and in some cases for emergency services. It's also ideal for providing broadband services in areas where it would otherwise be challenging to achieve efficient coverage.
  3. Technical Aspects: LTE-450 uses the same LTE technology as other LTE bands, meaning it offers high data transmission rates, low latency, and efficient spectrum usage. However, due to the frequency characteristics, the maximum data rates might be lower than those of higher frequency LTE bands.
  4. Global Usage: The deployment of LTE-450 is not as widespread as higher frequency LTE bands. However, it is used in some countries, particularly in regions where it's important to cover large areas with a single cell.
  5. Device Compatibility: Devices that support LTE-450 need to be specifically designed for this frequency range. There is a growing number of devices, including modems, routers, and smartphones, that support this band.

In summary, LTE-450 offers unique benefits in terms of range and penetration, making it especially useful for specific applications and in certain geographical areas.

Initiationware sets new standards here and offers a comprehensive solution for critical infrastructure projects (KRITIS projects) or LTE450 relevant integrations with the INSYS icom LTE450 series and our LTE450 data center connection including geological redundancy.

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