No-Code allows people with no programming skills but knowledge of a process to create programs for processes through visual interconnections!

You just have to know what you want to do. No-Code engines like Node-RED or FlowForge provide ready-to-go blocks with specific functions. All you then have to do is visually connect these blocks with a virtual "cable" to complete your flow. We can expand this range of blocks so that programming to create programs is no longer necessary.

These programs are called flows because most No-Code programs are flow-based. You start with any event. For example, when the user clicks a button or a sensor reads a value. Then an event handler starts the flow by inserting a message through the virtual wires into the next blocks where the message is processed further or some kind of action like using a function is performed. With all kinds of filters, features and extensions, the possibilities are endless!

These flows are easy enough to walk in the field and it's really quick to get up and running! We work with hardware and sensor manufacturers to create the lightest flows with the best access to hardware! Our partnership with No-Code engines like FlowForge, Prescient Devices and also helps!

Start now with rapid development and deployment enabled by No-Code solutions!