Robotic systems need as much information as possible in the form of data for a process to achieve targeted control and decision-making with greater consistency, economy, efficiency and safety in the process. Manual control by a human can help provide actionable data, but information models provide common ground for humans and machines. Further, there are processes that cannot be specified by a human due to their complexity and high speeds. Again, information models will help as an interface. We are very experienced in the creation of information models. We are guided by IEC/ISO 62264 or ISA-95 and ISA in general.

Our information models optimally support process controls of any technology to achieve the best efficiency. We use PLC (IEC standard) and PC programming with OPC UA and Modbus to create a safe and fast system with proven technologies.

Again, to get the most value from our system, we provide an API for your process. This makes it easy to connect low-code engines.

Optimize your process, keep the knowledge in your company and increase your efficiency with us!